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Structural steel finishing

You Need Structural Steel Finishing - We Can Help

When you have a steelworks project to get underway, you need to ensure that you have the right finish. We can offer you a range of structural steel finishing according to your design needs.

Raw steel is well-known as an oxidising material. This means that it can eventually rust, and rusting is detrimental to the strength of steel, which is why your structural steel project needs the right steel finishing.


We offer a range of finishes for your structural steel project.


Structural Steel

Primed Steel

Primer paint can ensure better adhesion of paint to the surface of your steel project. It increases paint durability and gives your steelwork extra protection.

Galvanised Steel

One of the most common protection methods, this keeps your structural steel from corroding over time. It’s easy, cost-effective, and it helps to shield it from surrounding environments.

Powder Coat

There is a powder coating option for your structural steel, and you should think of it as paint without the solvent.

Intumescent Paint

Another coating, it’s used as a passive fire resistance measure. This can be an aesthetically pleasing fireproof product.

Long Term N1 System

The N1 system is a high build Network Rail Specification in the following sequence:

Coat 1 - Aluminium Metal Spray @ 100 Microns Min DFT
Coat 2 - Intercure 214 @ 25 Microns Max DFT
Coat 3 - Intercure 384 @ 150 microns min DFT
Coat 4 - Interfine 691 @ 50 microns min DFT

This product is ideal for long term harsh conditions.

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If you need structural steel finishing, give us a call, and our expert team will be able to help. We can ensure that your steelworks are appropriately finished to your exact specifications.


There is a range of steel finishes that we can assist you with, and these include:


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